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Bolu Kalite Yem Sanayi A.S was founded by Serafettin Erbayram in 1980. Factory’s initial installed capacity was 5 ton/hour. In 1989, it has been built in a separate area by increasing the capacity to 20 ton/hour and still continues its manufacturing operations in that plant.

In 1990s, integrated companies started producing their own animal feed as a result of developments encountered in the poultry sector; therefore it became necessary to select a new business line that will go hand in hand with the animal feed factory. Our founder Serafetting Erbayram carried out surveys in foreign countries for a period of four years and, in 1995, he decided to found Bolca Hindi under the umbrella of Bolu Kalite Yem Sanayi A.S. Bolca Hindi is the first Turkish company that produced white Turkey that is a specie from California.

Incubation units and hens of Ankara University’s Faculty of Veterinary were rented initially. The enterprise built its own incubation facility with a capacity of 1.800.000 turkeys in Bolu in 1999. Bolca Hindi has been institutionalized in time and obtained TS EN ISO 9001:2000 certificate in 2003, TS EN 14001 Environmental Management System and TS EN ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System certificates in 2008, Halal Certificate in 2011 and Good Agricultural Practices certificate in 2015. In addition, we have Food Production Certificates, Food Registration Certificate TSE Turkish Standards Compliance Certificate, TSE Certificate of Manufacturing Competence for all product groups. Increasing its capacity continuously, Bolca Hindi continues its operations in its new slaughterhouse built in 2006 with a capacity of 1.200 turkeys/hour using state-of-the-art technology introduced in Europe.

Bolca Hindi enjoys the pride of achieving well-deserved leading position in the sector as it is the first enterprise that breeds white turkey specie from California.

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We use international operating and management approaches in our turkey meat production plant in order to meet the needs of our customers perfectly, measure and improve our performance regularly and meet all legal requirements on quality, food safety and environmental awareness.

“Quality, food safety and environment” are attached the utmost importance in the course of our operations carried out with the contribution of our employees and suppliers.

We add value to our country’s economy by minimizing the wastes generated by our environment-friendly plants equipped with the modern global technology, recycle and reuse them or dispose by using appropriate methods.

We always stand by our customers with our extensive marketing and distribution network extending throughout the country and our wide range of products, and we take power from the trust placed in us.

We provide trainings to our employees in order to improve their knowledge and skills on quality, environment and food safety and ensure that they always take pride in what they do and the enterprise they work for.

Our corporate culture is built on the principles of reliability, leadership, communication, innovation, development, training and teamwork.

We attach importance to research and development, we pursue the goal of becoming reliable partner of all stakeholders with our brand that represents reliability in the poultry meat market.

Süleyman ÖZTÜRK

General Manager

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Aiming at to become one of the leading poultry producers worldwide by offering only the best quality products to consumers, Erpiliç began its production process with 200 chicks in 1969 and continued its operations from 1991 through 1994 under Er Civciv Inc. Subsequently, in 1995, the first steps of the integration were taken with establishment of ERYEM SAN. ve TİC. LTD. ŞTİ., a feed company. Currently, Erpiliç trades with a strong workforce of 1800 employees, 1300 producers and 70 dealers

Following 16% growth in 2007, Erpiliç made additional machinery investments to its slaughterhouse with 16,000/hour and 240,000/day capacity to increase it up to 22,000/hour and 330,000/day in 2008. Additionally, Erpiliç has divided its advanced processing section into two as delicatessen and processed food businesses. The Company working as a team always produces unique and new products and greatly contributes to the domestic economy.

Our production plant has been certified with HACCP Food Safety Certification in addition to ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System Certificate, ISO 22000-2005 Food Safety System Certificate, compliance certificates with TSE Standards and the Export Advance-Fixing Certificates

Company, attaching utmost emphasis on development of new products, has placed on the market the assortments of processed chicken pane, chicken nugget and chicken croquette in line with its efforts to grow and develop its market. As a matter of company principle, only the state-of-arts technologies have been employed in this facility.

ERPİLİÇ desires that its consumers eat healthy and balanced diet products, and hence the meat chickens are slaughtered under extreme hygienic conditions and in accordance with Islam rules at its facilities, and it offers uncut whole chicken, chicken meat portions, delicatessen assortments, packed chicken products, giblets and processed chicken products.

Erpiliç never gives up on its high quality approach, and thus, regularly invests on technology and human resources; and as a result carries on its business activities while increasing its market share coupled with a consistent growth trend.

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