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Founded in 1991, our company was institutionalized in 1994 and have received the ERPILIC Main Dealership 1997, Integrated Hindi Plant Turkey's leading in the coming years, which is the brand of BOLCA and natural and high-quality meat products NAMET taking Main Dealership has entered a phase of rapid growth with the principles and professional working system .

It has been a great success for us to provide our customers with quality service and products at all times and this achievement has been documented by quality certification by the International Certification Registrar.

In addition to the management-retail-storage building consisting of 650 sqm closed area, our company also operates in 500 sqm cold air storage. In the distribution network, it is serving with the principle of "just in time delivery" with our professional staff, with specially produced frigofric cooler vehicles operating at 0C, -18C range and carrying capacity of 40 tons per day.

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Chickens are checked prior to slaughtering in compliance with the legislation in force and the norms of the European Union. When the chickens are brought to the slaughterhouse, their final check is performed by public veterinarians and in-house veterinarians. Upon approval of the veterinarians, the chickens are conveyed to the slaughtering section and the slaughtering process begins. The first phase is the live chicken reception unit. Vehicle carrying the chicken to be slaughtered approach the live chicken reception platform by receiving required information. Plastic crates full of chicken are automatically unloaded from the vehicle and placed on the operating band conveyor. Workers take the chickens from the crates and hang on the carousel. Empty plastic crates and the vehicle are washed and disinfected. The crates are loaded on the vehicles, which leave the slaughterhouse in order to be prepared for the same process in the following slaughtering day.In the meantime, the chickens hanged in shackles are hand-cut by the experienced and trained butchers according to Islamic rites. After that, blood is drained out of the carcass and then scalding process takes place in feather softening tank where chickens are prepared for defeathering. Subsequently, head is removed from the body and the headless carcass transferred to the evisceration line. During transfer process, feet of the chicken are cut using feet cutting machine.

Chickens are conveyed into the evisceration machine, and stomach area of the chicken is perforated. Evisceration machine completely removes internal organs of the chicken which come to the machine. The internal organs continue on the line towards the giblet separation machine, in which intestines and gall bladder are separated. Automation process continues in the subsequent stages. Chickens without internal organs are entered into the throat control machine where maws are removed and the chickens are passed to neck breaking machine. Chickens' necks are removed by the machine. Following removal of the necks, neck skins on the chickens are cut by a machine; and then the chickens are taken into the machine for complete washing including inside and out side. The machine washes inside and outside of the chickens using pressurized spray water. The chickens which are washed are sent to air chilling unit for chilling purposes.

Since air chilling process is employed in our plant, microbiological criteria are fully satisfied and the best flavor is achieved. Air cooling units consist of 5 sections containing 3,500 meter long three storey conveyor lines. The chickens enter the air cooling units at 36 degrees temperature and are cooled down to maximum four degrees in the center as they leave the units. The chicken stay in the air chilling units for about 2.5 hours.

The chickens which come out of the air chilling unit are passed to an automatic transfer machine equipped with a scale, where they are both weighed and transferred to the determination unit. The chickens which are weighed pass through the quality classification station and then fall into grammaging sections in accordance with the weight ranges and the qualities determined in the computer. The chickens which fall into the pans are first bagged and then packaged as whole carcass and sent to the stockroom. The chickens to be chopped do not fall into the pans and continue their way hanging on the conveyor. Then they are transferred to the cutting line via automatic transfer machine, and are delivered to the cutting modules based on the products to be produced. Pieces of the chopped chickens are separated into their respective sections, controlled for one last time, packaged and quickly taken to cold storage rooms.

Certain portion of the products produced at the cutting department is send to delicatessen units for further processing. In the further processing pre-preparation department, raw materials are transformed into mixtures in accordance with the product formulations. This mixture is shaped in automatic machines using the moulds designed for that particular product, and then conveyed to cooking department following liquid and dry coating. Cooking stage is a computer controlled process divided into two phases: fry cooking and steam cooking. Fully cooked products are taken into multi-storey freezer with -40°C ambient temperature, and internal temperature of the product is brought to -18°C. The product is then packaged and stored in deep-freezes until shipment. Delicatessen production consists of pre-preparation, cooking and packaging phases. Mixture prepared in the pre-preparation department in accordance with the product formulation are automatically filled by filling machines, taken to cooking carts and cooked in ovens under computerized control system. The products are first taken into resting units and then packaged and stored in cool storages until shipment. The storage consists of two sections called fresh and frozen. The products are monitored under computerized environment based on first-in-first-out principle. The products in the storages are shipped to the dealers by freezer trucks, which are washed and disinfected.

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6 Erpiliç Thighs For Grills
1 Teaspoon Oregano
2 Table Spoon Olive Oil
1 Teaspoon Black Pepper
1 Teaspoon Flaked Red Pepper
1 Bowl Soy Beans
2 Carrots
Blanch Erpiliç Thigh For Grill meats in a stew pan. In another container, mix the olive oil with the seasonings. Coat the  Erpiliç Thigh meats For Grill thoroughly in this mixture, then roast them in a 200 degree oven for 15 - 20 minutes. Serve hot. Keep the soy beans  in hot water for 10 minutes. Shred the carrots. Add olive oil and salt and mix it all. Serve the mixture together with the Erpiliç Thigh meats For Grill just taken out of the oven.
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8 Erpiliç Chicken Shish
For side dish:
4 eggplants – roasted and skins are peeled
Half a coffee cup of sesame oil
40 grams shredded kashar cheese
1 table spoon of butter
Half a coffee cup of sunflower seed oil
4 water glasses of milk
1 coffee cup of cream
1 table spoon flour
Sufficient salt
For decoration:
A rosemary branch
Cook Erpiliç Chicken Shish pieces on butter in a hot pan.
For side dish: Roast the eggplants. Cut them in very thin strips. Put the milk in a saucepan on a cooker. Roast the flour with the oil for side dish in another saucepan. When the flour gets golden color, add milk and stir. Cook the mixture at a low heat while it becomes thick. Add the eggplants. Add salt, kashar cheese and cream and stir it all. Take if off the  cooker, add the sesame seed oil and stir one last time. Serve the Erpiliç Chicken Shish together with the side dish.
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Turkey Eggplant Kebab with Meat | Turkey Beans with Fresh Meat | Hindi Sac Tava | Turkey Roasting | Turkey Bleeding | Roast Turkey is Tan | Hindi Shepherd Roasted | Chedarl turkey paninis | Indian Curry Sauce Penne | Indian Chip Chip | Stewed Turkey Casserole | Hindi Sultan | Saute Butter with Curry Sauce | Hindi Okra | But Skewer turkey | Turkey drumsticks sauteed | Hindi But Tandır | Osso Bucco Tava | Turkey Adana Kebab | Bunny Turkey Baguette (Spinach with Bechamel Sauce) | Turkey Oven Buttons | Blinded Hindu Casserole | Hot Turkey Salad | Turkey Pizza | Turkey baguette barbecue | Turkey and Pasta Mushroom | Puree Hindi | Rice Casserole in Microwave Oven | Pasta with turkey pasta | Potatoed Apple with Butt Butter

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We use international operating and management approaches in our turkey meat production plant in order to meet the needs of our customers perfectly, measure and improve our performance regularly and meet all legal requirements on quality, food safety and environmental awareness.

“Quality, food safety and environment” are attached the utmost importance in the course of our operations carried out with the contribution of our employees and suppliers.

We add value to our country’s economy by minimizing the wastes generated by our environment-friendly plants equipped with the modern global technology, recycle and reuse them or dispose by using appropriate methods.

We always stand by our customers with our extensive marketing and distribution network extending throughout the country and our wide range of products, and we take power from the trust placed in us.

We provide trainings to our employees in order to improve their knowledge and skills on quality, environment and food safety and ensure that they always take pride in what they do and the enterprise they work for.

Our corporate culture is built on the principles of reliability, leadership, communication, innovation, development, training and teamwork.

We attach importance to research and development, we pursue the goal of becoming reliable partner of all stakeholders with our brand that represents reliability in the poultry meat market.

Süleyman ÖZTÜRK

General Manager

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-Fırınınıza 160 C ye kadar ön ısıtma yapınız.

Eğer doldurulmuş hindi yapacaksanız en kolay yol; genişçe bir miktar tülbent bezini hindinin boşluğuna yerleştirmek, artan kısmı açıkta bırakmak, kaşıkla dolma içini yavaşça hindinin içerisine yerleştirerek, artan tülbent bezi ile paket yapmaktır. Çünkü dolma içi pişince yayılabilir.(Her 500 gr hindi için yarım ölçü yani 125 mi dolma içi uygundur. Kızarttıktan sonra tülbenti hızlı bir hareketle çekerek hindinin içerisinden çıkarın)

Göğüs kısmı üst kısma gelecek şekilde kızartma tavasına yerleştirin.

Et termometresini hindinin en derin noktasına gelecek şekilde hindinin içersine daldırın, fakat kemiğe değmemesine dikkat edin.

Üzerini örtmeden kızartın, ya da gevşekçe bir folyo ile kaplayarak kızartın. Eğer üzerine eritilmiş yağ dökmeyi tercih ederseniz fırını açma kapama sayınızı sınırlandırmalısınız.( 1 saatte 1 kez yeterlidir.) Doldurulmamış hindi için et termometreniz 77 C yi gösterdiğinde, doldurulmuş hindi için termometreniz 82 C'yi gösterdiğinde ve et suyunu düzgünce saldığında hindi pişmiş demektir.

Aşağıdaki tabloya bakarak ağırlıklarına göre yaklaşık pişme sürelerini görebilirsiniz.

Pişme tamamlandığında hindiyi alabilirsiniz 15-20 dakika suyunu çekmesi için bekletebilirsiniz.

**** Pişme süresi çeşitli parametrelere bağlıdır. Hindinin fırına giriş sıcaklığına, fırının termostatının tam doğruluğuna, kızartma sırasında fırın kapağının kaç kez açıldığına, hindinin büyüklüğü ile fırın büyüklüğü arasındaki ilişkiye vb.


Kızartma süresi Doldurulmuş

160 C Doldurulmamış

Barbekü süresi Orta ısı Doldurulmamış





















Bolca Hindi ürünleri kesinlikle İslami usullere göre üretilmektedir. Söz konusu belgeyi aşağıdaki gibidir.

Satın almış olduğunuz hindi etini daha yumuşak ve lezzetli hale getirmek için bizim tavsiye ettiğimiz marinasyon şekliyle marine etmenizi öneririz. Bizim önerimiz şu şekildedir:


  1. Bir kabın içersinde uygun miktarda sıvı yağ, birkaç damla limon suyu,bir miktar yoğurt (1/2 Kg et için bir tatlı kaşığı) veya eti kaplayacak kadar süt, yarım çay kaşığı şeker ve özel Bolca Hindi baharatını iyice karıştırınız.
  2. Hazırlamış olduğunuz karışımı etin üzerine ilave ediniz ve her tarafıyla teması sağlayınız.
  3. En az 15 dakika bekletiniz

Et ve et ürünleri alırken dikkat edilmesi gereken hususlar: Ambalajlı ve markalı ürünler tercih edilmelidir. Etiket bilgilerinde ürünün Tarım ve Köy İşleri Bakanlığı izni olmalıdır. Son tüketim tarihi belirtilmiş olmalıdır.

Ambalaj bütünlüğü bozulmamış olmalıdır. Satış koşulları hijyenik olmalıdır. Satışta muhafaza koşulları sağlanmış olmalıdır. (taze 0-2 OCg, şok dondurulmuş - 18 OCg olmalıdır.) Piliç ve diğer et ürünlerini alışverişinizin sonunda yapmalısınız ve mümkün olduğu kadar kısa süre içeresinde buzdolabınıza ulaştırmalısınız.

Hindi etinin kendine özgün üstünlükleri son derece fazladır. Sadece lezzetli değil aynı zamanda en sağlıklı ettir.

Kolesterol oranı çok düşüktür, protein değeri yüksektir, aminoasitleri dengelidir. Yağ miktarı az dolayısıyla kalorisi düşüktür. Ete lezzet veren az miktardaki yağ ise büyük oranda doymamış yağ asitlerinden oluşmaktadır.

Hazmı kolaydır. İçerdiği vitamin ve mineraller sayesinde Kalp, Damar, Böbrek ve Gözlerimizin de dostudur.

Hindi eti Türk mutfak kültürüne çok uygundur. Ekonomiktir. Az yağlı, düşük kolestrollü olması yanında kalorisi azdır. Yahni, tas kebabı gibi sulu yemeklerde, külbastı, köfte ve burger yapımında, ayrıca sebzeli tencere yemeklerinde kıyma olarak kullanılmaktadır. Şarküteri sanayisinin en lezzetli ve en nefis ürünleri, fümeler, jambonlar, v.s için hindi eti rakipsizdir.

Mutfaklarınızda kırmızı eti kullandığınız her yerde hindi etini rahatlıkla kullanabilirsiniz. Mutfak ve et sanayisindeki çok yönlülüğü yanında insanları tüketime yönlendiren ana hususlardan biri de hindi etinin sağlıklı oluşudur. Proteini yüksektir. Aminoasitleri dengelidir. Hazmı kolaydır. Hindi etinin bu avantajları Bolca Hindi'nin ayrılmaz bir parçasıdır.

1995 Yılında ilk üretimini gerçekleştiren Bolca Hindi, Bolu Kalite Yem Sanayi'nin bir kuruluşudur. 1980 yılında kurulan Bolu Kalite Yem Sanayi 26 yıllık tecrübesiyle, uzmanlaşmış kadrosuyla kaliteli ve hijyen yem üretiminde sektörün önde gelen kuruluşlarındandır.

Hindilerin Beslenmesi için dengeli bir yemle beslenmesi gerekmektedir.

"Dengeli bir yem, besi değerleri uyumlu ve enerji / protein dengesi kurulmuş yem, vitamin ve mineralce zenginleştirilmiş yem, Aflatoksin ve Patojen etkenlerden ari, doğal hammaddelerden üretilen yemdir. Bolu Kalite Yem bu 3 maddeyide eksiksiz olarak yerine getirmektedir.

Bolca Hindileri Bolu Kalite Yem' in yüksek proteinli ve dengeli amino asit içeren yemleriyle beslenir. Bolu'nun orman köylerinde bulunan geliştirme ve semirtme kümeslerine alınan hindi palazları mısır, buğday, soya gibi besinlerden oluşan Bolu Kalite Yemin hazırladığı hijyenik yemlerle beslenirler. Bolu'nun temiz havası ve yeşil doğasında geliştirilen Bolca Hindileri bu yemlerle beraber hiç bir yerde bulamayacağınız lezzetler oluşturmaktadır.

Satın almış herhangi Bolca Hindi ürünü etiket üzerindeki parti seri numarası sayesinde, tüm kesim bilgilerine, tüm kümes bilgilerine, tüm kuluçka bilgilerine ve tüm damızlık bilgilerine ulaşmak mümkündür. Bunu için ücretsiz müşteri hattımız

O 800 344 1414 no lu telefonu aramanız yeterli olacaktır.

Bütün bir hindiyi folyo tepsi içinde ızgarada pişirebilirsiniz. 5,50 - 6,50 Kg ağırlığındaki bir hindiyi folyo tepsiye koyun, 2 litre su ekleyin ve alüminyum folyo ile sarın. Yaklaşık 2 buçuk saat direkt olmayan orta ateşte pişirin.

Eğer hindinizi hızlı pişirmek konusunda aceleniz varsa, hindiyi bütün olarak değil de parçalanmış olarak pişirin. Kalça kısımlarını kesip göğüs kısmını ortadan bölün. Kenarları olan bir tepside derili kısımları üste gelecek şekilde, but ve kanat kısımları 82˚C dereceye ulaşana kadar pişirin. Parçalar sadece çabuk pişmekle kalmayacak, size göğüs eti pişer pişmez alıp sunma imkânı da verecektir.

Bu sizin tercihinizdir. Fakat bazı insanlar hindinin göğsü aşağı gelecek şekilde pişirilmesine taraftardırlar. Bu pozisyonda hindinin suyu süzülecek ve göğüs kısmını daha lezzetli yapacaktır. Fakat hindiyi masada parçalamak istiyorsanız geleneksel metot görünüm konusunda daha iyi sonuç verecektir.

Tepsiye sığsın diye hindinizi asla sıkıştırmayın. Eğer tepsinin kenarlarına sıkışırsa daha yavaş pişecektir. Bunun yerine kenarları 5 cm yüksekliğinde bir tepsi seçip üzerine ızgara yerleştirip hindiyi ızgara üzerine koyarsanız, hindi etrafında sıcak hava sirkülâsyonu daha iyi olacaktır.

Hindiyi alabilecek kadar büyük fırın poşetleri genellikle 11,00 Kg ağırlığındaki hindilere kadar alabilir. Kullanmak için hindi üreticisinin tavsiyelerini takip edin. Bu tavsiyeler genellikle poşetin içine biraz un serpiştirip hindiyi sonra koymayı içermektedir. Fırın poşetinin içinde pişen hindiler genellikle açıkta pişenlerden daha hızı pişmektedir.

Eğer hindinize iliştirilmiş bir termometre varsa, olması gereken sıcaklığa ulaştığında ortaya çıkacaktır. Fakat et termometresi kullanmak daha güvenlidir ve etin farklı yerlerinde kullanılması gerekmektedir. Eğer sıcaklığı anlık gösteren bir termometre kullanıyorsanız hindi ile beraber fırında durması uygun değildir.

Hayır. Hindiyi parça parça pişirip daha sonra tüketmek güvenli değildir. Hindiyi pişirip, parçalayıp, buzdolabına koymak ve daha sonra tekrar ısıtmak tavsiye edilen bir yoldur.

Hindinizi bir gün önceden pişirirseniz, piştikten sonra 20 dakika dinlendirip parçalayın. Hindi parçalarını derin olmayan pişirme tepsilerine koyun (daha çabuk soğuması için). 1½ kâse tepsiye sızan hindi suyu ya da yarım çay bardağı su ile karıştırılmış düşük sodyumlu tavuk suyu, ya da elma suyunu karıştırın. Hindi parçalarının üzerine dökün, üzerini kapatıp hemen buzdolabına kaldırın. Servis yapmak istediğinizde, 160˚C derecede ısıtılmış fırında etlerin iç sıcaklığı 72˚C dereceye gelene kadar ısıtın.

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In the "ERPİLİÇ" plants, where the consumer is in a healthy and balanced supply of nutrition, hygienic and Islamic rules are applied and the products are grouped as whole chicken, part products, delicatessen products, tanned products, offal and processed products. As Erpiliç; chicken, chicken, whole chicken, wholesale chicken, wholesale chicken, chicken pan, chicken nuget, chicken croquet, whole chicken, chicken salami, fried chicken, frozen chicken, Göynük Köfte, Turkey Erpilic our products serving as the main distributor.

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Plenty of Quality Feed Industry, California, is the first enterprise producing the white-haired breed turkey Turkey. The hindi are fed with special, high quality and hygienic feeds made up of vitamins and minerals mixed with natural products such as corn, wheat, barley and soy, which Bolu Quality Feed Industry has done from 1980 with daily feed experience. Hindi, full turkey, Istanbul dealers, turkey wholesale, turkeys retail, abundance, turkeys wholesale, smoked turkey breast, turkey breast, wholesale turkey breast, frozen turkey breast, Istanbul turkey, wholesale turkeys, turkey thigh, wholesale turkey ham, turkey butt, turkey wing, wholesale turkey wing, turkey wing, stony, liver, heart, turkey offal, abundant offal, leaf rotates, chest rotates, but rotates, wholesale rotates, istanbul rotates abundantly, leaf rotates, chest rotates but rotates wholesale rotary, rotary plenty Turkey istanbul are serving as the main distributor in abundance.

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Slaughter in Namet is performed by trained specialist butchers on half hanger.The meat rests for 24 hours after slaughter. team of veterinarians, engineers and food technologists are present at the slaughter points for control.


To have quality meat, animal should not be under the stress prior to slaughter. Shipping is among the main reasons that affect animals before slaughter. As shipping is a long, weather conditions during shipping, intermingling of foreign animals, fasting are reasons for distressing and fear. In slaughter places, to keep the water in front of the animal,  the behavior of workers and resting 5 hours before the slaughter of meat to be qualified in terms of every feature (color, texture, softness) will be beneficial. In Namet farm, before and after slaughter are done in accordance with all regulations. Thus the the taste of meat of animals slaughtered by experts remains.


Carcass temperature is 37° after slaughtered. It is expected to drop to 10°-12°, 37°, 25°degrees. Then, at 0°, they are taken to pre-cooling half carcasses storehouses. Temperature should drop at meat processing and breaking stage and temperature  is expected to fall to 2-4 ° in 24 hours.

Namet through cooling system with advanced technology also provides a high degree of hygiene. It acts in cold chain during  resting, processing, cutting, transportation and sale of the meat after slaughter.

From the cleaning of cold storages to the cleaning of vehicles used for the transport and to internal and external sections, it fulfills all hygiene requirements. Namet, at every stage of cooling, adds to the flavor of the meat with its specialist staff working with great care.

Cooling rooms and transport vehicles are tracked automatically by the computer system and are recorded instantly.


Hygiene for Namet come as one of the most important elements and therefore the production facilities have been constructed in accordance with the most hygienic conditions. Walls, ceilings, cooling fans, water pipes and electric cables are made using stainless steel materials. Every day, production section is cleaned by a specialized international cleaning company at the end of the day, every week samples taken from manufacture and equipment are controlled.

Filtered air coming from Hepa filter constitutes a sterile environment. Namet attaching importance training of staff, gives training to its staff  while they begin work and repeats the hygiene training every year. Staff at the first stage when entering the facility wash their hands with soap and warm water, dry their hands with drying towels.


In the second stage, in 6 meters long completely closed disinfection unit, there is a boot washing and hand disinfection system. Shoes are disinfected by scrubbing system, hand disinfection is done by inserting hans to a double-point turn. At the end of this process turn opens automatically and manufacture starts.


By taking samples from the hands of the employees microbiological controls are performed . Employees during breaking step, use steel vests, steel gloves, shoes suitable for food use.

Namet, using the latest technology in hygiene keeps the flavor at every stage. It acts in cold chain during  resting, processing, cutting, transportation and sale of the meat after slaughter.


Products prepared are directed to packaging or manufacture with e2 boxes. for the production or manufacture of packaging products. These boxes are washable according to national standards. At the packaging stage, the meat is filled, into bags according to shrink system, vacuumed, pasteurization is done, dried, packaged, and prepared for shipment with 0 degrees packs. Meat to be used in the manufacture are shocked fresh or shocked shock units and forwarded to -40 and kept ready for use of next day.

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Genuine Tastes with Perfect Production...
Namet Çayırova Integrated Meat and Meat Products Plant
Equipped  with the latest technology Namet Çayırova plant began production as of 2010. This huge facility with 34,600 m² closed area performs Deli, fresh meat, advanced processed products, frozen meat balls and burger production.

The plant which is shown as technology base of taste world, complies with European and world standards in every respect.

Meat Arts Center: Red Meat Chopping Line

In Namet Çayırova plants, the production, starts in red meat chopping line. The temperature in here and  the entire production areas  is constantly +8°C  for health and quality reasons. The carcasses which are cut in hygienic conditions in combine in Şanlıurfa, come to Namet Çayırova Plant with refrigerated vehicles, without breaking the cold chain. The carcass meat which are unloaded at the acceptance area, after veterinarian and  retrospective traceability controls, they are rested in old storages at 0 ° C and wait for its turn to enter the chopping line.

*Retrospective traceability criteria:

Certificate of origin: Proven animal origin information received from the producer

Barcoding: the combine ID of the animal

Batch Number: Product daily production information

Meat on the chopping line are processed by red meat masters. Meats shredded by professional butchers are sparated according to their kind. For perfect hygiene marching bands in the line are kept under control by ultraviolet rays against microbiological contamination.

After chopping line meat, fresh meat, advanced processed products are distributed to the Deli and frozen product lines.

Most fresh state of the meat: Namet Fresh Meat Line

A portion of the meat from chopping line comes to fresh meat line and vacuumed and prepared. to shipment.

Some are converted to minced meat, cubed meat, beef, meat balls and other varieties. They are automatically weighed and  are packed with M.A.P. (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) technology. MAP technology maintains the freshness of the meat without any chemicals added.

Convenience in Cuisines: Advanced processed products line

Namet,  gives importance to to create product categories as much as technology and quality. Advanced processed product line  as an indicator of innovative aspect of Namet prepares the tastes of Turkish cuisine. Products of this category being enriched by the work in the R & D unit are cooked under hygienic conditions by expert chefs. They are packed  untouched and delivered to the consumer with all their freshness.

Birthplace of insatiable tastes: Namet Deli Line

Namet combines superior technology with Turkish  taste, captures perfect flavor by creating the same standards in all products. Meat prepared for soujouk, salami, ham and sausage are extracted from the nerves during shredding. To achieve the highest quality,  fat, water, protein analysis are performed by computer-controlled standardization machine directly connected to the computer department. At the filling stage of the product, our experienced staff show their expertise. Filled with fully automatic machine without compromising hygiene sausage, salami, ham and soujouks are ready for cooking and fermentation stages according to the product.

Filled products were then cooked in computer controlled  ovens, showered, and  taken  to the pre-cooling rooms. Smoked  products are cooked in fumigation oven with a special juniper shavings, roastings in a double-walled steam heated boilers, hams in boiling caldrons.

Products prepared in fermented soujouk line are ripened in special fermentation rooms and then rested in climatic rooms (temperature, humidity and air circulation in controlled hygienic environment).

The most exclusive taste of  traditional Turkish kitchen  pastrami is produced carefully under hygienic conditions in accordance with the traditional production procedures with the best meats.

Namet performs slicing and packaging of Deli products untouched. Namet with this superiority, makes a difference in the industry in terms of quality and hygiene.

Taste coming from -40 ° C: Frozen Products Line

In frozen products line, Namet produces meatballs varieties and burger meat balls according to Turkish  taste. Meatballs which can be prepared in various types in automatic forming machines are frozen  at -40°C in a few minutes to keep the flavor and freshness at the maximum level. They are immediately packaged and stored in cold storages.

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Aiming at to become one of the leading poultry producers worldwide by offering only the best quality products to consumers, Erpiliç began its production process with 200 chicks in 1969 and continued its operations from 1991 through 1994 under Er Civciv Inc. Subsequently, in 1995, the first steps of the integration were taken with establishment of ERYEM SAN. ve TİC. LTD. ŞTİ., a feed company. Currently, Erpiliç trades with a strong workforce of 1800 employees, 1300 producers and 70 dealers

Following 16% growth in 2007, Erpiliç made additional machinery investments to its slaughterhouse with 16,000/hour and 240,000/day capacity to increase it up to 22,000/hour and 330,000/day in 2008. Additionally, Erpiliç has divided its advanced processing section into two as delicatessen and processed food businesses. The Company working as a team always produces unique and new products and greatly contributes to the domestic economy.

Our production plant has been certified with HACCP Food Safety Certification in addition to ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System Certificate, ISO 22000-2005 Food Safety System Certificate, compliance certificates with TSE Standards and the Export Advance-Fixing Certificates

Company, attaching utmost emphasis on development of new products, has placed on the market the assortments of processed chicken pane, chicken nugget and chicken croquette in line with its efforts to grow and develop its market. As a matter of company principle, only the state-of-arts technologies have been employed in this facility.

ERPİLİÇ desires that its consumers eat healthy and balanced diet products, and hence the meat chickens are slaughtered under extreme hygienic conditions and in accordance with Islam rules at its facilities, and it offers uncut whole chicken, chicken meat portions, delicatessen assortments, packed chicken products, giblets and processed chicken products.

Erpiliç never gives up on its high quality approach, and thus, regularly invests on technology and human resources; and as a result carries on its business activities while increasing its market share coupled with a consistent growth trend.

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Erpilic piece of chicken products | Baguette, winding, Chops, Taleks, Grilled Skewer, Sticks, shin, tenderloin, chops, cubed
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Bolca Advanced Processed Turkey Products | Leaves turn, chest turns, but turns, wholesale turns, istanbul turns abundantly
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Bolca Made Processed Turkey Products | Leaves turn, chest turns, but turns, wholesale turns, istanbul turns abundantly
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