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The greatest secret of true taste is the fresh meat of Namet Farm. Our talented craftsmen combine special spices with Namet Farm's freshest meats. They will go and fetch every material from their country. They are produced in the healthiest environments, hygienic facilities. From the farm to the fork is healthy, safe and delicious. Red meat, wholesale meat, beef, lamb, frozen meat, delicatessen, frozen doner, istanbul wholesale meat, meat wholesale Marmara region, Turkey Namet wholesale delicatessen serving as the Main Stand.

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Genuine Tastes with Perfect Production...
Namet Çayırova Integrated Meat and Meat Products Plant
Equipped  with the latest technology Namet Çayırova plant began production as of 2010. This huge facility with 34,600 m² closed area performs Deli, fresh meat, advanced processed products, frozen meat balls and burger production.

The plant which is shown as technology base of taste world, complies with European and world standards in every respect.

Meat Arts Center: Red Meat Chopping Line

In Namet Çayırova plants, the production, starts in red meat chopping line. The temperature in here and  the entire production areas  is constantly +8°C  for health and quality reasons. The carcasses which are cut in hygienic conditions in combine in Şanlıurfa, come to Namet Çayırova Plant with refrigerated vehicles, without breaking the cold chain. The carcass meat which are unloaded at the acceptance area, after veterinarian and  retrospective traceability controls, they are rested in old storages at 0 ° C and wait for its turn to enter the chopping line.

*Retrospective traceability criteria:

Certificate of origin: Proven animal origin information received from the producer

Barcoding: the combine ID of the animal

Batch Number: Product daily production information

Meat on the chopping line are processed by red meat masters. Meats shredded by professional butchers are sparated according to their kind. For perfect hygiene marching bands in the line are kept under control by ultraviolet rays against microbiological contamination.

After chopping line meat, fresh meat, advanced processed products are distributed to the Deli and frozen product lines.

Most fresh state of the meat: Namet Fresh Meat Line

A portion of the meat from chopping line comes to fresh meat line and vacuumed and prepared. to shipment.

Some are converted to minced meat, cubed meat, beef, meat balls and other varieties. They are automatically weighed and  are packed with M.A.P. (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) technology. MAP technology maintains the freshness of the meat without any chemicals added.

Convenience in Cuisines: Advanced processed products line

Namet,  gives importance to to create product categories as much as technology and quality. Advanced processed product line  as an indicator of innovative aspect of Namet prepares the tastes of Turkish cuisine. Products of this category being enriched by the work in the R & D unit are cooked under hygienic conditions by expert chefs. They are packed  untouched and delivered to the consumer with all their freshness.

Birthplace of insatiable tastes: Namet Deli Line

Namet combines superior technology with Turkish  taste, captures perfect flavor by creating the same standards in all products. Meat prepared for soujouk, salami, ham and sausage are extracted from the nerves during shredding. To achieve the highest quality,  fat, water, protein analysis are performed by computer-controlled standardization machine directly connected to the computer department. At the filling stage of the product, our experienced staff show their expertise. Filled with fully automatic machine without compromising hygiene sausage, salami, ham and soujouks are ready for cooking and fermentation stages according to the product.

Filled products were then cooked in computer controlled  ovens, showered, and  taken  to the pre-cooling rooms. Smoked  products are cooked in fumigation oven with a special juniper shavings, roastings in a double-walled steam heated boilers, hams in boiling caldrons.

Products prepared in fermented soujouk line are ripened in special fermentation rooms and then rested in climatic rooms (temperature, humidity and air circulation in controlled hygienic environment).

The most exclusive taste of  traditional Turkish kitchen  pastrami is produced carefully under hygienic conditions in accordance with the traditional production procedures with the best meats.

Namet performs slicing and packaging of Deli products untouched. Namet with this superiority, makes a difference in the industry in terms of quality and hygiene.

Taste coming from -40 ° C: Frozen Products Line

In frozen products line, Namet produces meatballs varieties and burger meat balls according to Turkish  taste. Meatballs which can be prepared in various types in automatic forming machines are frozen  at -40°C in a few minutes to keep the flavor and freshness at the maximum level. They are immediately packaged and stored in cold storages.

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